12 August 2020

Oh my goodness, what a crazy 4 weeks! As the outbreak in Melbourne of Covid19 Coronavirus got worse, orders for Facemasks came streaming in and when the call was made on that Sunday afternoon that Masks were becoming compulsory my website went bonkers and I sold out of custom order spots for Facemasks within 2 hours.  The thing is I wasn't even sure of the quantity of custom spots I had listed on my website as I wasn't expecting this to happen!

So pretty much for a month I was getting up very early in the morning, often at 5am and worked for 12 or more hours just to try to get masks made and out as soon as possible, just to try to help with the strain and anxiety people were feeling.  I was also able to get help from one of our friends/neighbour living in our Apartment block, Stephen to help with cutting, ironing and pinning the masks as he is stood down from his job at the moment and going stir crazy with nothing to do. Without him I think I would have fallen in a heap.  So daily I would drop a list and fabrics on his doorstep to help me and at the end of each week I would drop off a goodie bag full of gifts and gratitude!  

We have finally caught up with all orders, although still getting a small amount coming in which is truly amazing - everytime I think the orders have stopped a couple more trickle in - so thank you so much for everyone's support.  With Markets and Shops closed it means my normal outlet for my Children's clothing has stopped so I'm very grateful for something else to do to keep me sane during this tragic time.

04 July 2020

So I forgot to tell you all but you may have already seen that during lock down I finally gave in to demand and created a Ladies version of the Reversible Pinafore Dress. It was a big and scary step for me, having only ever made and sold children's clothing.  I have been asked on a very regular basis for the last 3 years if I would make a Ladies dress as everyone seems to love my fabric choices as well as the 2 in 1 style dress.  My answer had always been a big fat NO!  However, I wanted to make the most of my lock down time so I researched and came up with the Apron style for the reversible dress and of course it has lovely big Kangaroo style pockets inside and out.  I have worn mine every week, well actually twice a week ;-) and it's so so comfortable and great for layering too!  I've had a half dozen custom orders already and the feedback has been so very positive and really uplifting for me!

Back at Market - It's been great to see new and regular customers back at Rose Street Artist Market on Saturdays - it is a bit quieter than normal with no Overseas tourists and hardly any Interstate visitors but lovely to be back!


03 June 2020

How is it June already!  

in.cube8r on Smith Street in Fitzroy is where I work part time and also have my kids clothing collection hanging up all week.  We closed in March for almost 2 months to help "stop the spread" but a couple of weeks ago took the steps to open up from Thursdays to Saturdays from 11am to 5pm with a limit of 5 customers in the shop at a time.  A wonderful place to see so many talented artists products including Jewellery, Fashion, Art, Ceramics and lots more... all locally designed and made in Australia.

Winter is here and it sounds like it's going to be a chilly one in Melbourne - just in time for my stall to reopen at The Rose Street Artist Market in Fitzroy.  The first market will be Saturday 13th June from 10am to 4pm and you can see me all rugged up in my biggest jacket with gloves, scarf, beanie and blanket but believe me it's definitely worth coming for a visit to see all the creative handmade items we've been busy making. I will be there very Saturday in my regular spot (I think) they are doing a big of a different layout, fewer stalls to accommodate social distancing as well as lots of hand sanitiser.

10 May 2020

Wow what crazy times we are experiencing at the moment! I hope everyone has been able to cope as best as possible during this Covid19 / Coronavirus situation. I know for some they have been able to be super focus, motivated and creative but for others it's been a struggle to get off the couch.  

My husband has been working from home for 8 weeks now, set up on our kitchen table, with a new Office chair that were as rare as hen's teeth to be able to order online.  His employer has advised that they will all be working from home until at least the end of July - being an IT Project Manager has made this transition possible. My son who is in Year 9 has been Online learning from home since mid March and isn't scheduled to go back to the classroom until 9th June - he has liked schooling from home and his desk and computer has been set up in a little nook of our living area.

Living in a 2 bedroom apartment we've had to improvise how and where things are done.  My sewing studio/nook is normally looking out the floor to ceiling glass windows over our balcony out to the street - a great view and natural lighting, but using my sewing machine here is too loud while my son is studying and my husband is on conference call after conference call. So, I have been doing my cutting, ironing and pinning out in this area and then off to my bedroom I go to do the actually sewing!

01 February 2020

I had set myself some goals for January for my little business as I thought it would be a good time to set things up for the year.  However, it's been a time of grieving for me and my family!  

My parents had come to stay with us in Melbourne (from Perth) to spend Christmas with us.  On the Sunday before Christmas my mum passed away in her sleep. We were utterly shocked and devastated, there had been no signs or symptoms that there was anything wrong with her, she was 71 years young, so full of love, life and happiness, so proud and supportive of her family. The Coroner's report diagnosed a "Spontaneous Intracranial Brain Haemorrhage".  

My mum was such a big believer of me and my little business and whenever she came to stay with us, she would spend hours and hours cutting out fabric for me, ironing and pinning garments and chat, chat, chatting -  as long as she could spend time with me it didn't matter what she was doing!

I cannot fully put into words the grief I'm feeling, it's more than I ever imagined!  I'm so very lucky to have wonderful family and friends supporting me and crying with me.

1 September 2019 

Lovely to meet you - we really should chat! 

It's time for me to leap on in both feet forward and chat with you all!  I love being at Market Stalls as I get to meet so many fabulous, friendly people, chatting with locals as well as hearing about how much the tourists love our Melbourne city. It's also exciting and rewarding to see and hear everyone's reactions to all of my creations.  A lot of love and thought goes into each and every one of them. 

Now it's time to meet and chat with all you lovely people online!  Lets work together to stand up and stand out in the crowd - I can help you choose your favourite fabrics and work out the correct sizing for your little one's outfit or for the perfect gift you are wanting to give!

Thanks for reading and supporting my little made by me business!